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We are a group of aviation professionals working together to transform airport special assistance using digital technology. We are pursuing this in collaboration with people with lived experience of disability, industry leaders, special assistance providers, airports, and airlines. Our innovative approach is supported by UK's Department for Transport.


By connecting anyone who has requested assistance with those who provide it on the ground, our digital platform is designed to reduce anxiety levels for passengers. It will transform passengers' experience by allowing them to communicate directly with the assistance team as they arrive at, and make their way through the airport. It means they never feel abandoned, get lost, or become overwhelmed by the airport environment. Our platform will make it easy for passengers to find relevant information, book assistance on the spot, and provide feedback at the end of it. 


Our cloud-based platform is designed to bring passengers, assistance staff, cabin crew, and boarding agents together, to bridge communication gaps and reduce passenger complaints. It comes with an intelligent auto-allocation bot that allocates passenger assistance tasks to the nearest agents. The bot will drastically reduce the cost of operations and improve the service level. Our platform also has an Analytics suite that will help to drive performance. It will deliver the relevant data to airlines, airports, and assistance providers driving the right discussions, decisions & actions.


We have already gone live with our digital platform in the U.K. We are keen to work with airlines, airports, and assistance providers across the world. Please get in touch with us, if you want to collaborate with us on transforming special assistance.

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